Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils 


        100% Pure Alcohol Free Body Oils

Our fragrances are in pure form without alcohol or fillers, you can expect a richer aroma than others, and one of the great benefits of using our oils is just a drop or two is all you'll need to retain your full, rich fragrance hour after hour, even all day for many people! At the same time, many who thought they were allergic to perfume find they can wear our oils without itching or sneezing, or red and puffy eyes, an allergic side affects most likely caused by alcohol and other fillers rather than the oils themselves.

Fragrance oils are not Essential oils. Fragrance oils are made to wear on your skin without any issues.

Essential Oils are not intended for direct contact with your skin unless diluted. Do not put essential oils on your skin unless diluted as it may cause irritation and is not intended for internal use.

Fragrance Oils 

Black Women for Her
Brown Sugar for Her
African Musk for Him & Her

Sweet Orange

Essential Oils

 There are certainly advantages to choosing alcohol-free perfumes over perfumes containing a high amount of alcohol and water.

First, pure perfume oils are much more pleasing to the nose, and they are also longer lasting than perfumes with alcohol. In addition, when you smell perfume oil, you can immediately pick up on the scent, as it is in its pure form. Some perfumes with heavy alcohol contents smell like a big mish-mash of scents, making it hard to decipher top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

Keep in mind that perfume oils are a lot like other products, such as shoes and clothes. Sure, there are cheap oils, but their scent will be not be as authentic and refreshing as the pure oils.

When you purchase alcohol-free perfumes, it is wise to find out exactly what the ingredients are before buying.

Many commercially sold perfumes are made with fillers, namely alcohol, that causes the scent of the perfume to evaporate faster. When you first spray a perfume with a high alcohol content, it tends to smell strong. However, within an hour or two, the scent of the perfume has evaporated considerably, which means you cannot smell it as well, if at all.

Alcohol-free perfumes last longer, and they go on much more subtly. This means that when you walk into a room, people don't smell you before they see you.

Remember, alcohol and perfume oils do not mix. First, alcohol will diminish the scent you are trying to capture, and it will cause the fragrance to evaporate faster.

In addition, alcohol can be drying and irritating to the skin, causing some people with sensitive skin to have bad reactions.

Finally, alcohol-free perfume smells clean and simple, not overpowering or cluttered like some commercial scents. 

  • Important info about oils.
    Sometimes a particular oil may not smell like before or the color & thickness of the oil is different.
    You should have a basic idea of whats happening.
    The fragrance or smell of an oil can change in two ways
    (1)change in the body chemistry of a person
    (2)maybe the product is of the lowest quality, I don't have any comment about that because I don't like, I don't wear and I don't sell low quality oils.
    Now about the body chemistry of individuals.
    The same fragrance can have a different effect on the same person at a different time.
    It depends on the weather, the mood of the person, what they eat or even if they smoke.
    It occurs especially if the person is a smoker.
    The tobacco smell comes out of his or her skin. So when the persons body is in either state, it can have a big effect on the way the oil will smell on the person at different times.
    For instance it can also happen if a person changes his or her eating habits.
    Maybe the person was eating lots of fruits and veggies and later began eating more fish and meats or vice versa.
    This can change the body chemistry.
    A change in the weather has a big effect on the fragrance.
    When the weather is cold, the density of the oil becomes low and the olfactory gland also gets numb, so it may feel the fragrance is weak. But, the same oil when the weather is hot, the density is higher, because the heat promotes the evaporation process faster. So it appears the fragrance is stronger.
    Watch out for sweat, even if hot weather spreads the fragrance quicker the sweat can change the characteristics of the fragrance.
    It depends on the persons body chemistry who is wearing it. The oil color depends on the weather, manufacturing season, and aging.If you keep the oil in direct sunlight, the color can change. The ultra violet rays penetrate the oil and cause a chemical reaction which may darken the oil.