Our shea butter is 100% pure and unrefined. No chemicals. No additives. Just pure, silky, skin-nourishing shea butter – perfect for your toughest skin issues like eczema, acne, and dry, cracked skin. So go ahead, indulge and renew your thirsty skin with our velvety butter and watch the transformation to a glowing new you!


Source: Ghana, West Africa

Most popular uses: Dry Skin, Aging Skin, Eczema.


The history of shea butter as an invaluable cosmetic traces back to Ancient Egypt where Queen Cleopatra always kept in stock jars of pure, unrened shea butter.

Today Shea Butter is known as “women’s gold” because it is a valuable source of income for women in the West African community.

How is it made?

Shea Butter comes from an indigenous African tree called Vitellaria paradoxa, . These are
wild-growing trees producing tiny, almond-like fruit that every May start falling on the ground. Villagers harvest the fruits, separate them from the nut, then boil and let the butter oat to the surface.

The butter is then milled and ltered for impurities, packaged in huge blocks, loaded on large boats, and shipped to the US for packaging and resale.

What’s in it?

Vitamins A, E, F, Antioxidants, and Essential Fatty Acids (Linoleic and Linolenic).

Ivory Shea Butter

Our Ivory Shea Butter varies from off-white, to beige to light gray. The shades of color are inevitable with this natural product, however be assured that all Shea Butter from  high quality and fresh, and comes from Ghana in West Africa. The smell of Ivory Shea Butter is slightly nutty, and the consistency is rich but relatively light when compared to Yellow. All skin types and all ages including children can

benefit from using Ivory Shea Butter.

First of all, that store brand lotion you’re using? It probably has Shea Butter listed as an ingredient, but it’s not the same. 2-5% is all the big guys add and it’s a refined version, which means they strip it of most nutrients. Our 100% unrefined, pure Shea Butter is harvested lovingly by Ghanaian women who depend on their craft to live. It comes to us as Mother Nature intends! That means it’s safe and loaded with nutrients and vitamins to renew your biggest, hardest working organ–your skin!

Naturally non-comedogenic Anti-inflammatory agents reduce swelling, stinging and redness. Loaded with vitamin A (for cellular turn over and also collagen production)Vitamins E, F and fatty acids for deep moisture without greasiness Repairs oxidative stress and severely aggravated skin Natural SPF of 6–10 to prevent sun damage. Fights fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. Shields skin from pollution, sunlight and strong winds. Contains phenol the same antioxidants found in green tea. Completely safe for men, women, children and also pregnant moms. Helps stop the itching of stretching skin. Strengthens and regenerates skin by enhancing collagen production. Many additional uses: anti-inflammatory ointment, scalp treatment, hair serum, lip treatment, and salve.
Lasts up to 2 years (when you store it properly)

 Unrefined Yellow Shea Butter

The best shea butter is Unrefined Yellow shea butteris raw and often contains impurities and has a strong odor. ... Shea butter is a popular moisturizer that is used in skin and hair products. It is naturally high in nutrients such as moisturizing fatty acids, and vitamins A, E and F.